As an art historian, I see in his work the strength and tradition of European expressionism and surrealism, which we know has a significant following internationally” – J. Brooks Joyner, Director, Vancouver Art Gallery

Ursus paints the mood, the psychology and the complex inner life of humanity…” – Oktavia Gallery

… Ursus looks unflinchingly at our all too human foibles and manages to find beauty in the most unexpected places.” – Artspeak,  New York

Ursus oil paintings strip the mind of intellectual thought and leave it naked in the face of raw emotion.” – Island Life

For all the squalor of his subjects, he has the sympathetic view of humankind that one invariably finds in a great social satirist.” – Artspeak,  New York

Almost all his paintings hit directly in the solar plexus.” – Vancouver Sun

I know a painting is finished when it hums.” – Gabriel von Ursus